Non-alcoholic Wines, Good-for-you Cookie Dough, & More!

Here at Healthy Living, We LOVE bringing you and your fam new, healthier options!

Field Day Unsweetened Coconut Cream, Cocoa Powder, Apple Juice
Have a *field day* with high quality, organic Unsweetened Coconut Cream, Cocoa Powder, and Apple Juice! No artificial flavors or colors—just pure deliciousness. With the cost of living and organic food on the rise, Field Day believes healthy eating should be achievable for EVERY family.

GoMacro® KidsMacroBar® Cinnamon Roll
Looking for a mess-free snack for your kid that’s organic, vegan, gluten free, kosher, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, AND low FODMAP? This Cinnamon Roll GoMacro® KidsMacroBar® is for you! Enjoy a heartwarming swirl of organic cinnamon, creamy cashew butter, and puffed rice topped with our dreamy vegan white drizzle. They’re the soft and yummy treat kids will love and the certified ingredients parents can trust—all rolled into one.

Just Ice Tea Teas
No matter the variety—it’s Just *organic and Fair Trade Certified®* Ice Tea! NEW flavors like Berry Hibiscus, Lemonade Half and Half, and Original Green are brewed from ingredients grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or fertilizers. Go ahead and sip on unsweetened and “just sweet enough” options you’ll love.

Hu Cookies
Oh, snap! Hu Cookies Ginger Snap and Peanut Butter varieties replace weird, industrial ingredients with simple, healthier ones. Paleo-certified, naturally sweetened with dates, and no grains/gluten, dairy, or lecithin/gums—get Hu(ngry) for this good-for-you dessert!

Momofuku Ramen Noodles
Wheat. Salt. Water. That’s it. Air-dried and never fried, Momofuku Ramen Noodles are different from instant ramen—they have 25% fewer calories, double the protein, and ZERO mg of cholesterol. Chef-approved sauces like Tingly Chili, Spicy Soy, and Soy & Scallion are made from wholesome ingredients you know and love. Say hello to your new, delicious weeknight staple!

Boodywear thoughtfully fits your everyday life with the softest, most comfortable sustainable clothing essentials. The Hi-Cut Bikini, Triangle Bralette, and Ribbed Seamless Bra are all made from naturally grown bamboo viscose—a highly breathable, soft material. Discover easy-to-wear pieces you (and your boody) can feel good about!

Daily Crunch Sprouted Almonds and Nuts
Unlike the others, Daily Crunch nuts offer that satisfying crunch without added fats like vegetable or canola oil. With only the best ingredients, you can get crunching AND support your wellbeing at the same time. Make feeding your body with real and healthy foods easier, and help your digestion! With no phytic acid, your digestive enzymes won’t be blocked.

DRY Botanical Bubbly Reserve
All natural ingredients. All-out celebration. Caffeine free, gluten free, sodium free, and OU Certified Kosher—DRY Botanical Bubbly Reserve elevates every special occasion without the negative effects of alcohol. Raise a glass to a NA bubbly that’s worthy of life’s daily moments!

Jealous Sweets Gummies
Sweets that are 100% plant-based, gelatine-free, gluten-free, and have no palm oil OR artificial colors? You got it! Shamelessly tasty flavors like apple, lemon, strawberry, and orange use REAL fruit juice. No need to make anyone jealous, these gummies are definitely meant for snacking and sharing.

Om Mushroom Broths
N-Om N-Om! Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and King Trumpet mushrooms give Om’s Organic Mighty Mushroom Broths their rich, earthy flavor. Warm up, slow down, and nourish your body with nutrient-dense goodness—anywhere from 2,200 or 3,600 mg to be exact!

Atlantic Sea Farms Sea-Veggie Burgers
Darned delicious plant-based burgers with the added benefits of a star ingredient: kelp! Sea-Veggie burgs are gluten-free, naturally vegan, flavor-packed, and easy to prepare. Try yummy Basil Pesto and Ginger Sesame flavors on a bun, or in pitas, wraps, salads, and bowls.

Deux Good For You Cookie Dough
Good-For-You should taste GOOD. Say goodbye to “this is good … for a vegan/gluten free/healthy fill-in-the-blank.” Go ahead and enjoy a heaping spoonful of melty, gooey, delicious Brownie Batter, Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake cookie dough made with simple, high-quality ingredients, and packed with essential vitamins and supplements.

Farmers and Cooks Deli Meats
Antibiotic Free, Humanely Raised, Open Roasted, Sliced Fresh—that’s how meat should be. It takes real cooking and real ingredients like herbs, spices, and extra virgin olive oil to get deli cuts this delicious. Fireside Turkey, Uncured Ham, Angus Roast Beef, and Uncured Pastrami are ready for your next delish sammie!

Bank Street Bakery Pain de Campagne Boule
French Country Style bread made by hand with local organic flour, freshly milled wheat, and baked fresh. Pain de Campagne is rustic, chewy, soft, and crunchy with a tangy flavor balanced by sweet, fresh grain. Its crackly crust is just begging to be dipped in your favorite warm, hearty soup.