New Products Week of 7/18


Fresh Kids is a new line of kids snack foods, and we will be starting out with the classic pretzel stick trays.

Happy SnacksMore nostalgia, we will have the all natural version of animal crackers in the circus box

Navitas now makes nutrition bars, so we will give them a shot. Super cacao cranberry bar, goji acai bar, hemp pnut butter bar, maca maple bar.

Simply Organic has several new dip mixes to add to that line in the spices set. Chipotle ranch dip mix, onion & chive dip mix, wicked aioli dip mix, mild taco dip mix, garlic hummus dip mix

Woebers, a classic deli brand, has gone organic. We will be carrying the spicy brown, and supreme deli mustard.

King Arthur
has introduced several new products this summer. We will be carrying the “measure for measure” gf flour and 4 new baking mixes. favorite chocolate chip cookie mix, sour cream coffee cake mix, cinnamon sugar muffin mix, vanilla bean cheesecake mix.

Grandy Oats has a new line of paleo friendly granolas coming out under the brand Coconola.

Jamtastic pineapple jalapeno jam will be replacing the raspberry currant option.

Citizen Cider has a new flavor of the non-alcoholic Citizen Sweet product with Sour Cherry Apple.

Vermont Coffee Co has a new coffee for the bulk department – Ralston Roast.


Local VT:
Eco-Grown Green Beans – Lewis Creek Farm
Eco-Grown Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes – Half Pint Farm
Eco-Grown Heirloom Tomatoes – Half Pint Farm
Organic Fresh Shallots – Pete’s Greens
Organic Tomatillos – Pete’s Greens
Organic Mixed Cherry Tomatoes – Four Pillars Farm
Organic Sweet Corn – Full Moon Farm
Organic Red Cabbage​ – Full Moon Farm
Organic Orange and Purple Carrots – Full Moon Farm
Organic Fresh Garlic – Last Resort Farm
Organic Heirloom Tomatoes – Last Resort Farm
Organic Mixed New Potatoes – Last Resort Farm
Organic Black and Red Currants – Last Resort Farm
Organic Gold, Chioggia, and Cylindra Beets – Purinton Gardens
Organic Arrowhead Cabbage – Purinton Gardens
Organic Blueberries – Adam’s Berry Farm
Organic Cauliflower – Burnt Rock Farm
Organic Eggplant – Burnt Rock Farm
Organic Cucumbers – Diggers’ Mirth
Organic Pickling Cucumbers – Diggers’ Mirth
Organic Red Beets – Diggers’ Mirth


Joes Kitchen Soups: I’ve had a lot of people asking about this line. We use to carry them but I got rid of them when I first started working here. They have been getting request from people on where to buy it in this area. The closest place is Hunger Mountain. I decided to give them another shot in a limited capacity. Were only doing 4 soups: Carrot Ginger, Farm Pho, Ginger Chix, and Poblano Quinoa. 3 sauces: Chimichurri, Chermoulah, Fresh Salsa. A side note, our house marinated skirt steak grilled up sliced thin, Vermont Tortilla Company tortillas, some heirloom tomatoes diced, topped with Joe’s Chimichurri makes for a great street taco.

Almond Dream Yogurt: Another option our guests having been asking for. We now have Almond milk base yogurt. We’ll start with Vanilla, Plain, and Coconut. Can be found over by the other Non Dairy Yogurt.

Jenis Sweet Corn & Black Raspberries– I don’t need to go into much detail. It’s Jenis, it’s banging! Check out their blog on how they make this pretty cool.

Nona Lim Soups, Broths, and Noodles We’ll be bring in their Tomato Soup, Zucchini Soup, Thai Curry Lime Broth, and the Tokyo Ramen. Can be found by the tofu and miso.

Vermont Tortilla Company 4″ tortillas

Ripple Milk Pea Plant Protein based, milk, that actually taste like cow milk. We got the Vanilla and Chocolate today, still waiting to get the Regular and Unsweetened.

Baked Goods

Running Stone Bread: line extension with 2 new breads: mountain & backcountry loaf (gluten-free):
Adam describes it here:
“I’m also working on a very unique *made without gluten* bread. It is made with organic seeds(sunflower, flax, pumpkin, sesame, chia) and rolled oats…no flour.”