New Products Week of July 4th


River Berry Farm Organic Strawberries. Arriving 6/25: Organic Zucchini, Organic Yellow Squash


Owl Energy Bar has a new flavor – cherry almond.

Dang onion chips will be available at a Healthy Living near you. Only the sea salt is available right now.

Lemon Fair Honeyworks honey from Cornwall, VT. We will have 2 sizes to start, then the combed honey when it becomes available later in the summer.

Paqui hot pepper tortilla chips caused quite the excitement last week when the samples were devoured by staff, so both stores will be giving them a shot. Flavors: ghost pepper, very verde, grilled habanero, and roasted jalapeno.

Salud now has 4 packs available of their refreshing sparkling fruit beverages. Fruit punch, mango, grapefruit, pineapple, mandarin.


Local VT:
Organic Blueberries – Dwight Miller Farm
Organic New Potatoes, Red, White, and Blue – The Last Resort Farm
Organic Gooseberries – The Last Resort Farm
Organic Broccoli – Full Moon Farm, Pitchfork Farm
Eco Grown Snap Peas – Lewis Creek Farm
Organic Green Cabbage – Full Moon Farm
Eco-Grown Spring Torpedo Onion Bunches – Half Pint Farm
Organic Mixed Chilies – Hungarian Wax, Cayenne, Yellow Jalapeno – Pitchfork Farm
Organic Kohlrabi – Pitchfork Farm
Organic Sweet Onion Bunches – Four Pillars Farm
Organic French Filet Beans – Four Pillars Farm
Organic Collard Greens – Jericho Settlers

Plants and Flowers

Local flower bouquets from The Painted Tulip and Golden Russet Farm.

Baked Goods

Klingers: golden sandwich buns made from Challah dough


SOOTHING TOUCH LIP BALM: new lavender coconut, always a deal at 1.99!