NEW! Signature Spiced Pie Crust Mix

We were thinking about how to spice up pies and then it hit us: literally, spice them up!  With our Signature Spiced Pie Crust Mix, we take all the warming, feel-good spices that we love in luscious pie fillings and put them directly in the crust.  This makes eating the whole pie an interesting, flavorful experience.  To make it even more unique- and a lot more nutritional- we combine those spices with a whole wheat pastry flour so while your taste buds are singing, your body’s being nourished.  And the best thing about this mix?  It works well with myriad fillings: apple, peach, custard, pumpkin, pecan… the list goes on & on.  So if you’re looking for a new, tasty, healthy twist on pies, check it out! You can find the mix on our Demo Counter and also in our Bulk Department.