New to Wellness: Shire City Herbals Fire Cider


The Wellness Department is pleased to announce a brand new product on our shelves this Fall Season–Fire Cider from Shire City Herbals!

Shire City Herbals, which is based in Pittsfield, MA,  operates under the simple philosophy that whole foods make the best medicine. With that in mind, they have created  a synergistic blend of health enhancing, immune boosting, organic roots and fruits based on the traditional New England cure-all of raw apple cider vinegar and honey.

Apple cider vinegar has a distinguished history in folk medicine as a general tonic, and raw honey has also been used throughout history as an antibiotic and tonic, which is why these two ingredients form the base of the Fire Cider.

Also included are the following nutritional powerhouses:

-Oranges (rich in vitamin C and bioflavinoids)

-Lemons (used in herbal medicine as a body cleansing agent and to treat colds and flus)

-Onions (often used as an expectorant, and digestive stimulant)

-Ginger (used worldwide as a circulatory stimulant, anti-inflammatory, and to help with indigestion, nausea, coughs and colds)

-Horseradish (which produces an immediate and powerful expectorant effect, while warming the body)

-Garlic (used worldwide as an immune system enhancer, garlic is a potent herbal anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal agent)

-Turmeric (a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)

-Habanero (used in herbal medicine to help break up mucous congestion, or for sluggish digestion)

Visit the Wellness Department to stock up on this medicinal health tonic to help perk you up throughout the winter months, and visit the Shire City Herbals website if you’d like more information about Fire Cider!