New Years Resolutions

We here at Divine Wines know that you’re working hard to keep in line with your New Years resolutions that you have set. However, there’s no reason to cut out your nightly glass of wine for fear of unwanted calories; you do, after all, need to treat yourself to something nice after a particularly tough workout!

If it’s your figure that you’re watching, we recommend switching from that glass of rich, still wine to a glass of bubbles! Most dry sparkling wines (Champagne, Cava, Prosecco) are actually less calories than a glass of your typical red or white table wine! And, the carbonation will cause you to drink slower, so you wont consume as much; plus, the bubbles help to stimulate digestion during your meal!

Whether it’s white, ‘pink/rose’, or red wine you typically enjoy, we have a lovely selection of sparkling wines available in Divine Wines that will satisfy your craving, without breaking your resolution. With our great monthly sales, you wont even have to break the bank either!