Next Fresh Thing: New Products at HL (Saratoga)

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Check out these new and fabulous products coming down the pike!


Organic Kanzi Apples – “Kanzi” is Swahili for “Hidden Treasure”. And a treasure it is: super crisp and juicy, this apple is sweet, tangy and delightful!  It has the same parents (Gala and Braeburn) as its “sister apple” Jazz, and is therefore similar.  Kanzi are rounder than Jazz, and slightly less dense (Jazz are pretty hard!) with a aromatic and zesty flavor.

Organic Opal Apples – Opal apples are a cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz. The bright color of this jewel-like apple is unreal.  It’s crisp, juicy, sweet and slightly floral.  Fun fact: they sent these to SPACE with astronauts a couple years ago.  It’s a space apple, no big deal 🙂

Organic Ambrosia Apples – This is a fine, crisp textured, low-acid apple.  This beauty is delicious.

Organic Envy Apples- Envy apples are crunchy and sweet, and very popular on the West Coast.

Organic Lulu Navel Oranges, Buck Brand: Deer Creek Heights Ranch – Sweeter than other navel varieties, this Buck Brand navel orange is characteristically low in acid, and seedless!

Organic Tango Mandarin – Seedless, easy to peel, super sweet!

Organic Purple Stokes Sweet Potato – Seriously purple sweet potatoes have even more anthocyanins (antioxidant that makes some produce red/purple) and so are even better for you.  Purple produce tends to lose its color when cooked. Let’s see!

Love Beets: Available in Organic Mild Vinegar Baby Beets, Honey and Ginger Baby Beets, Sweetfire Baby Beets and White Wine and Balsamic Beets.


Sound Sparkling Teas – Find them in the grab-and-go beverage section. Five flavors: organic white tea, organic rose tea, organic yerba mate, organic chamomile, organic green tea.

Simple Mills – Two new line extensions with sprouted crackers, and cookies.

Crackers: Gluten-free sprouted jalapeno, Gluten-free sprouted “everything”, Gluten-free sprouted garlic herb, Gluten-free sprouted original.

Cookies: Gluten-free chocolate chip, Gluten-free cinnamon, Gluten-free double chocolate.

Cassava Crunch – Cassava root based snacks. Four flavors – beet & goat cheese, cheddar, sea salt, and seeds.

Lacroix – Several new fun flavors: kiwi sandia. melon pomelo, mure pepino, tangerine, cran-raspberry, natural and lemon.

Steaz Tea – Beverages has a line-extension with new organic cactus waters. 3 flavors include cucumber, original, and starfruit.

Douglas Sweets – Valentines shortbread & truffles

Theo – The maker of chocolate bars, now has three new organic chocolate clusters. The flavors are coconut turmeric, lemon hemp, and salted almond.

Simply Gum – A new line and we’ll be introducing three flavors to start – cinnamon, mint, and ginger.

If You Care – Paper baking loaf pan is new!

Earth’s Best – Mini cookies in three classic flavors: chocolate chip, chocolate, and cinnamon oatmeal.


Chia Viva Chia Puddings – These are awesome. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO. There’s 5 flavors to choose from: Cinnamon Coconut (wow!), Vanilla, Chocolate Banana, Toasted Coconut, and Sea Salt Chocolate.

So Good Baby Organic HPP Baby Food – Organic HPP (cold pasteurized) baby food seems to be an untapped market. Organic, non-GMO, HPP so the nutrients are preserved very well. There are five flavors available: Mango Spinach, Mango, Banana Peach, Apple Carrot, and Prunes.

Farmhouse Culture Fermented Vegetables – Farmhouse has really embraced the trend of repurposing. We are so impressed by how they reduce the amount of waste they create by selling it in different forms. We’ll be trying the Orange Ginger Carrots, Ginger Beets, and Curry Cauliflower.

Ians GF Onion Rings – We now have a GF option for onion rings.

Kidfresh Kid Meals – Hide those veggies! Try cheesy quesadilla with hidden vegetables; and cauliflower/potato tots.

Ians Organic Tempura style apps – There’s two here to enjoy: Green Beans and Sweet Potato Sticks. Gluten-free, dairy-free, no eggs, nuts, or soy.

Erivan Acidophilus Yogurt – Another great option for our guests.

Argyle Cheese Farmer – Saratoga’s own!

Amazing Grace – Raw milk cheese, aged over a year, dry texture, sharp bite, almost taste like a parmesan. Silver medal winner at NYS Fair 2016

Mrs. Robinson – More or less a herbed, sharp, dry cheddar. Spices added to the curds as well as —cue Simon and Garfunkel—parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Mercy – Raw milk cheddar, aged six months to a year. Creamy, sharp cheddar flavor.

Glory – An interesting cheese. They use their award-winning yogurt as the culture. It’s then smoked to add a rustic flavor.

Caerphilly – Developed in Wales, this mild cheese was traditionally used as the main ingredient in Welsh Rarebit.

Dill and Chive Curds – Tasty at a great price.


 Ys Bees – Manuka honey propolis lozenges.

Crytal Body – Travel-size crystal deodorant.

Rad Soap – Two new body washes: chaga & hemp.


Sam Adams – Rebel IPA variety

Stone – Tangerine Express

Pipeworks – Lil Citra

Avery – Maharaja

Grey Sail – Leaning Chimney

Four Roses Bourbon

Pick Six Vodka