Next Fresh Thing: New Products in VT (Feb 13, 2017)

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Check out these new and fabulous products coming down the pike!


Organic Kanzi Apples – “Kanzi” is Swahili for “Hidden Treasure”. And a treasure it is: super crisp and juicy, this apple is sweet, tangy and delightful!  It has the same parents (Gala and Braeburn) as its “sister apple” Jazz, and is therefore similar.  Kanzi are rounder than Jazz, and slightly less dense (Jazz are pretty hard!) with a aromatic and zesty flavor.

Organic Opal Apples – Opal apples are a cross between Golden Delicious and Topaz. The bright color of this jewel-like apple is unreal.  It’s crisp, juicy, sweet and slightly floral.  Fun fact: they sent these to SPACE with astronauts a couple years ago.  It’s a space apple, no big deal 🙂

Organic Cameo Apples – This apple is a chance seedling, thought to be a cross between Red and Golden Delicious apples. It’s one of the top nine apples grown in Washington state!

Organic Ambrosia Apples – This is a fine, crisp textured, low-acid apple.  This beauty is delicious.

Organic Envy Apples – Envy apples are crunchy and sweet, and very popular on the West Coast.

Organic Ataulfo Mangoes – These mangoes are smaller, usually yellow, and differently shaped than the large round Atkins/Kent mangoes you most often see.  They are also sometimes called Champagne mangoes, which does a better job of calling out how good these are.  The flesh is soft and very juicy, with less fiber than an Atkins mango.  Sometimes they can be very sour.  They are ready to eat when they yield to gentle pressure, though some prefer them once the skin is slightly wrinkled and very soft.

Organic Lulu Navel Oranges – Buck Brand – Deer Creek Heights Ranch – Sweeter than other navel varieties, this Buck Brand navel orange is characteristically low in acid, and seedless!

Organic Tango Mandarin – Seedless, easy to peel, super sweet!

Organic TDE Triple Cross Mandarin – Buck Brand – Deer Creek Heights Ranch – It’s called a Triple-Cross Mandarin because it is a cross of Temple Tangor (AKA Royal Mandarin or Temple Orange), an Encore Mandarin (late Mandarin variety), and a Dancy Mandarin. Easy to peel, seedless, low acid, bright orange, sweet, and richly flavored.

Organic Romanesco – They call it a cauliflower, which it is kind of, but it tastes more like broccoli. It’s spiraling crowns are hypnotic!

Organic Purple Stokes Sweet Potato – Seriously purple sweet potatoes have even more anthocyanins (antioxidant that makes some produce red/purple) and so are even better for you.  Purple produce tends to lose its color when cooked. Let’s see!

Love Beets – Organic Mild Vinegar Baby Beets, Honey and Ginger Baby Beets, Sweetfire Baby Beets, White Wine and Balsamic Beets.


Sound Sparkling Teas – Find them in the grab-and-go beverage section. Five flavors: organic white tea, organic rose tea, organic yerba mate, organic chamomile, organic green tea.

Simple Mills – Two new line extensions with sprouted crackers, and cookies.
Crackers: Gluten-free sprouted jalapeno, Gluten-free sprouted “everything”, Gluten-free sprouted garlic herb, Gluten-free sprouted original.
Cookies: Gluten-free chocolate chip, Gluten-free cinnamon, Gluten-free double chocolate.

Cassava Crunch – A new line of cassava root based snacks. Four flavors – beet & goat cheese, cheddar, sea salt, and seeds.

Lacroix – Several new fun flavors: kiwi sandia, melon pomelo, mure pepino.

Steaz Tea – Beverages has a line-extension with new organic cactus waters. 3 flavors include cucumber, original, and starfruit.

Theo – Maker of chocolate bars, now has three new organic chocolate clusters. The flavors are coconut turmeric, lemon hemp, and salted almond.

Simply Gum – A new line and we’ll be introducing three flavors to start – cinnamon, mint, and ginger.

If You Care – Paper baking loaf pan is new!

Earth’s Best – Mini cookies in three classic flavors: chocolate chip, chocolate, and cinnamon oatmeal.

Imagine – Two new soups on the shelf. Heirloom sweet potato soup and heirloom Jacob’s cattle bean soup.

Klingers – Maple pull-aparts.

Douglas Sweets – Valentines shortbread & truffles.


Farmhouse Culture California Style Kimchi – This will be replacing the Horseradish Leek kraut.

Just Pikt Frozen Fresh Orange Juice – Combat the winter with this delicious 100% fresh-squeezed juice.

Julian’s Recipe Sweet Belgian Style Waffles – The frozen Belgian waffle is here!

Julian’s Recipe Garlic Baguette – It’s been so hard to find a frozen garlic bread that meets our brand standards, but it’s finally here. Today is good day.

Hilary’s Bites – Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and very tasty. Try  these three flavors: Mediterranean, Original, and Broccoli Casserole. Use them as an appetizer, an addition to a salad, or a healthy snack for kids.

So Good Baby Organic HPP Baby Food – Organic HPP (cold pasteurized) baby food seems to be an untapped market. Organic, non-GMO, HPP so the nutrients are preserved very well. There are five flavors available: Mango Spinach, Mango, Banana Peach, Apple Carrot, and Prunes.

Farmhouse Culture Fermented Vegetables – Farmhouse has really embraced the trend of repurposing. We are so impressed by how they reduce the amount of waste they create by selling it in different forms. We’ll be trying the Orange Ginger Carrots, Ginger Beets, and Curry Cauliflower.

Ians GF Onion Rings – We now have a GF option for onion rings.

Kidfresh Kid meals – Hide those veggies! Try cheesy quesadilla with hidden vegetables; and cauliflower/potato tots.

Ians Organic Tempura style apps – There’s two here to enjoy: Green Beans and Sweet Potato Sticks. Gluten-free, dairy-free, no eggs, nuts, or soy.

Ians kids meal – A allergen-free option for kids that are allergic to everything. We’ve got something for everyone!

Tempt Chimichurri Hemp Tofu – Vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free, of course.

Evolution Fresh Juices – Here’s a new single serve Watermelon, and a half-gallon, organic HPP (cold pasteurized) Apple juice. Both are delicious!

Nona Lim Soup Cups – Soup in a cup! Tomato Thai Basil, Carrot Ginger, Vietnamese Pho Bone Broth. Mmm…

Maplebrook Cherrywood Smoked Feta – Brought to you by popular demand, this feta has a beautiful smoky flavor folks love.


Ys Bees – Manuka honey propolis lozenges.

Crytal Body – Travel-size crystal deodorant.


Burlington Beer Co – Shoegazer Blonde ale

Central Waters – Barrel aged stout

Great Divide  Hop Disciples

Lost Nation – Roll Away IPA

Shacksbury – Dorset Cider

Founders – Frootwood

Great Divide – Hop Disciples

Left Hand – Hard Wired Coffee Porter

Montsable Pinot Noir

Xiloca Garnacha

Politici – Rosso and Bianco

Pierre Angular – White Bordeaux

Molino di Sant Antimo – Ommio Merlot

Sola – Meritage