Nina’s Tips & Techniques: Summer Salad featuring Corn

When I cut corn off the cob it goes flying everywhere. How do I contain it?

For some reason when we attempt to cut corn we always stand it up on end. Then the kernels bounce off the cutting board and go all over the place. If you lay the cob down to cut the corn off then the kernels don’t have as far to fall and they stay in place. Just put your knife parallel to cob and slice. Turn the cob onto the flat side and cut continue to cut. If standing the cob on end to remove the corn works better for you try lining the cutting board with a clean kitchen towel. The towel will keep the kernels from bouncing. Then you can just pick up the towel and transfer the corn into your mixing bowl.


Should you cook the corn before or after you remove it from the cob?

There’s not rule here. It depends what cooking application you want. If you’re grilling your corn keep it on the cob. It will fall through the grates if you cut it of first. Same with steaming. If you remove the corn first just cook it in a little oil or butter in a sauté pan. If the corn is really fresh and sweet I recommend not cooking it at all – raw summer corn is one of my most favorite things!


Bonus tip – keep your cobs!!

Those cobs are FULL of flavor! After you have cut the corn off, try simmering the cobs in stock or milk for the most intense corn-infused mixture. Then use that base for sauces or soups. Yum!


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