Now Offering: Farm Fresh Eggs from Tangletown Farm

We love our friends over at Tangletown Farm located in West Glover, VT and have been happily carrying their free range chickens in our meat department. We are pleased to now be carrying their Farm Fresh Eggs by the dozen as well!
Eggs are essential to a healthy diet because they provide a number of difference antioxidants and vitamins along with a significant source of protein.  You can certainly tell the difference between conventional and farm fresh eggs. For example, you will notice an immediate difference once you crack it open, because the yolk holds together firmly, without breaking, and is often a deep orange hue (a result of the bird’s diet).  The whites are clearly separate from the yolk and have a clear, not cloudy appearance. Farm fresh eggs have a distinct flavor that are superior to the mild taste of conventional eggs, because they come from healthy chickens eating a varied diet.

All of the animals at Tangletown Farm are 100% free of hormones and antibiotics.  “Our birds love being outside, roaming, pecking, finding things to cluck about.  The eggs are rich and delicious.  Hens are funny, they have  a lot to be busy about. We feed much left over veggie scraps from neighboring vegetable farms, which adds even more quality, flavor and color to the eggs.”


We hope you enjoy them as much as we have been! You can find their eggs located in our Dairy department.

For more about Tangletown, visit their website at!