Open Sesame!

WOW, were we THRILLED on opening day to see the throngs of people beating down our doors! We’ve received the warmest welcome we could possibly imagine… so we’re here to stay! We’d like to take a moment to thank you all for joining us in our fledgling weeks and to share a little bit of what we’re all about.

First and foremost, we’re here for YOU. Service, to us, means way more than smiling when you come in and letting you know where the café is. It means that we’ll walk you to what you need, not just tell you where it is. It means you can come in and ask us why chia seeds are good for detoxification- we may not know the answer off the top of our heads, but we can call upon our team of nutritionists, wellness experts, and the information superhighway to find the answers you’re looking for. It means we deeply care about our customers’ experiences, so we answer every single comment card in record time and with sincere sentiment. It means supporting our community through donations, sponsorships, and outreach. It means having a “Love Your Trucker” week, when we invite all our freight drivers to take a load off, have a cup o’ joe, and nosh on a tasty sandwich. Our staff truly cares- about the product, about the business, and, most importantly, about YOU.

produce, staff, happy, smiles, service
Our produce staff can’t wait to answer your questions and make you feel at home!

But we’re here for the food, too, of course! The Saratoga region has a huge variety of local goodies we couldn’t wait to get out to the public. Produce brings the farmers market inside and offers you the best garden-grown fruits and veggies; we build relationships with farmers so that you get great prices and the farms get a fair deal. Cheese brings funky favorites and delicate deliciousness to your plate and gives you access to the finest in local cultured dairy. Bread, milk, meat…the list of local products goes on for miles (and grows every day). If it’s national brands you’re after, worry not- we’ve brought our favorite products right to you! Whether you’re looking for Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese or Justin’s Nut Butters, grocery stocks your favorites from New York, the US, and abroad. And we price competitively because we know eating well is important to you and your family.

entrance, healthy living, produce, bulk, flowers, customers, service
Our beautiful produce and bulk departments, with Customer Service answering questions and leading our guests to the products they love!

So, Saratoga, we hope to see you all very soon (and if you’ve joined us already, we can’t wait to see you again)! We’d be nothing without you- let us show you what it means to be served with a smile and treated to the best food (at the best prices) that Saratoga Springs has to offer!