Our 4/21/2020 COVID-19 Update

Owner update 4/20/20


We’re ready for a new week at HL, and what we’ve discovered about ourselves is that we’re fast learners. So much has changed for us since early March! The challenge: to quickly put in place many new ideas for safety and an efficient operation, and as time has gone by and a lot of hard work, we’ve activated some very effective measures! Today things seem much smoother, calmer, and well…more like US! Once again, we’ve learned that tough times deliver big lessons! We hope our changes are working for you…and as usual, we want your feedback. Because, as we always say, without feedback we cannot know what needs tweaking and changing and improving. So bring it on!   

Spring has sprung! Seeds and locally grown, beautiful seedlings and starts are in the store, ready for your garden.

Shopping in-store is still the number 1 option for our guests and we’ve done our best to regularly sanitize, encourage masks, reduce store traffic at certain times, and remain diligent about social distancing. reminder: please remove sani-wipes and used tissues from your cart when you exit.  All this is for your safety and for the safety of the people who make it all possible: our STAFF.   

On a personal note, I’ll be coming back to work this week after a month at home. Hey, believe me this has been HARD. I have never been away from my business this long and although I’ve been involved in phone meetings, video meetings, writing emails to staff and guests, taking on all feedback, and more, it just doesn’t replace my being IN the store, ON the sales floor with you and staff. I’ve taken long walks, started turning over my vegetable garden, cleaned closets, cooked some amazing dinners, read books, talked for hours on the phone with friends, and hung out with little grandkids….but still…it’s not like being at HL. I will don my mask today and return!!!

Thanks to you, our staff really knows how appreciated they are. I can’t say enough about them and how energized, patient, hard-working, and willing they are to deliver hospitality during this time. When they applied to work here no one ever asked, “Would you be willing to work during a pandemic?” Who knew!?! And yet, they’ve been here making sure that what you want is on the shelves and in the coolers, and checking you out at the end of your HL adventure. Let’s continue to show them the love!

Katy Lesser Owner/Founder