Our 5/11/2020 COVID-19 Update, including important FAQ

5/11/2020 update from owner Katy Lesser: 

Hello! Guess what? I find that I really enjoy writing these emails to you and love the feedback I regularly get each week. It gives all of us a chance to catch up on what’s new, what’s changing, and how we are all doing. In our Stores we continue to work hard, work clean, and stay safe! We are committed to taking the very best care of our amazing staff. It’s remarkable how they have continued to come to work, abide by the guidelines, keep the shelves stocked and the registers ringing, while maintaining the hospitality we always go for. We’re of course also doing our best to take care of YOU. Here are some questions I’ve received from our feedback.

Q. What is your policy on masks?

A. In Vermont, VOSHA (Vermont Occupational Health and Safety Organization) has mandated that all STAFF wear masks while at work. The Department of Health recommends that all people wear masks in public places, but that is only a recommendation and not something we can by law enforce.

In New York, the Governor has passed an executive order that REQUIRES EVERYONE (staff and citizens) to wear masks in public. Part of the Governor’s order for businesses is that we ask guests to wear masks and respect the six foot rule.

We can require that our staff follow rules set by government and by us – and we do enforce these rules among our teams. But in both states we cannot ENFORCE laws for citizens. That’s in the realm of the Police Departments, so we will request and remind…but we can’t enforce.

Q. Am I allowed to bring my own bag?

A. We still encourage reusable bag use! We only ask that guests bag their own groceries into their bags to limit the number of personal items handed back and forth between staff and guests.

Q. What do I do when I get to the store to pick up my HL2Go order?

A. Please park in the designated HL2GO spot if it is free. Call the store and tell them you have arrived. Be sure to tell them where you are parked and what kind of car you are driving. We will bring your groceries out to your car. For the safety of our staff, we will not load bags into your vehicle. If your groceries are brought out in a cart, feel free to leave the cart where it is, and we will come collect it.

Q. I tried to shop Saturday, but the line was long. When are things quieter at the store?

A. Typically, weekday mornings and evenings are our quietest times with lunch – 5pm busier. Weekends, for the most part, are busy. And remember, for your safely we limit traffic during peak times. Frustrating, yes….but we are committed to making things safe, while at the same time continuing to make shopping possible. Whew…it’s a balancing act and we hope you understand!

Q. I’ve heard about supply chain challenges. Are your shelves well-stocked?

A. Many of you want to know about product availability. We’ve been fortunate to have an incredible relationship with our primary distributor and have had regular deliveries coming our way. Once again, our shelves are fully stocked with the usual amazing assortment of great products. From Produce, to Meat, to Grocery, Dairy, and Frozen we are back in the “normal zone!” Of course, there are always exceptions. We’ll order a product that does not come in, and for that reason our Category Manager team is working hard to find substitutions whenever possible.

We have a bright new sign in our entry that’s there to remind everyone that JOY LIVES HERE! By that I mean that in spite of rough times, at Healthy Living we’re still in the business of being that OASIS where hospitality and great food are the mission. We’re still reminding our staff that regardless of masks, let’s smile…let’s greet people…let’s make a difference for our guests and each other every day. We hope you’ll join us and smile with your eyes, say hello, and add to the vibe of joy that is more important than EVER!