Our 6/18/2020 COVID-19 Update: Spreading Joy


Like this beautiful spring, our communities are opening up and blooming again. We are SO GLAD! It is awesome to see people out and about, returning to our stores, meeting friends, figuring out a new sort of normal. That said, we want you to know that at Healthy Living the health and safety of our staff and guests is still our number 1 priority. We continue to sanitize touch points throughout each day, remind staff to always wear masks, include signage at our entries about the importance of masks, make regular announcements about the 6’ rule for social distancing….in other words, we have not let our guard down! We want everyone to feel safe and confident that shopping in our store is safe…and still the fun, joyful event we work hard to create!

The City of South Burlington now requires everyone to wear masks in places of business. We have placed new signage on all entrances as a reminder. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we appreciate your compliance with this new rule.

The beautiful areas we all live in, make responsible outside gatherings something to celebrate. We’ve stocked the store with that in mind; great things for inspired grilling are on our shelves and in our coolers. I’ve been on a 7 day a week grilling mission, making everything from hot dogs, to steaks, to pizza, to dessert. Local asparagus is an awesome part of my spring culinary joy. Here’s the way I love it!

Recipe: Wild Rice Salad With Local Asparagus and Charred Scallions

And to wrap up this update I want to remind everyone that since the beginning of this whole situation, our staff has continued to come to work, stock shelves, run registers, serve guests, fill HL2GO orders, bring orders curbside, work with vendors, pay our bills, talk to our staff, manage our stores, keep things sanitized and sparkling, research and source products, receive inventory, work with truck drivers, cook and bake and package food, and our night crew works through the night to receive night deliveries. YES….there is a lot required to keep HL running smoothly and constantly providing the products you want and need, and the hospitality you love to experience. So next time you’re here, please make sure you let someone who’s working the aisles, the registers, behind the guest services desk, etc. know that you understand what they’re up to! YOU make their jobs possible, and THEY hopefully make your day better!

We’re more about KINDNESS than ever! Everyone deserves to receive it and everyone feels better when they give it to others! From the day they’re hired, our staff is reminded every day that kindness to each other, to our guests, our vendors, truck drivers, farmers, and everyone and anyone coming to our store deserves it. Let’s make HL an example of a place where kindness reigns and be sure our staff gets a big dose of it!

Be joyful!
-Katy Lesser