I was walking down the baby food aisle the other day and saw a mother with the cutest baby boy in her cart.  She was tossing baby food pouches and jars and boxes into her cart.  I wondered how she chose….there are SO many options these days!

“I trust that whatever’s on your shelves will be good for this little guy!” she said.  She knows that we are dedicated to sourcing the cleanest, most interesting baby food available.  “I don’t have to check the ingredient labels at this store, which is good because I’m traveling with someone who might want OUT before I’m ready!  At other stores, I have to take the time to read those labels.”  And she went on her way.

She’s right; our team of buyers are on a relentless pursuit of great food in every category….including baby.  Organic whenever possible.  Lots and lots of options.  Gluten free, allergen free….we look for these options too. The fewest ingredients possible.  Convenient packaging.   Yummy tasting is always important!  And our buying power enables us to sell our baby food at great, competitive prices.

When we’ve visited other supermarkets, we are always amazed at the baby food that is high in sugar, artificial colors and preservatives and the limited selection.

To that mother I encountered in the aisle, TRUST was what was most important to her.  She can trust that we only sell the BEST.