Oven Roasted Chicken


Oven roasted chicken (for most) is the pinnacle of comfort food. Its simplicity allows the average home cook to very easily feed others. With a little TLC you can transform a simple roasted chicken into a culinary delight. Chicken has a light flavor that takes to marinades and spice rubs very well, and roasting the chicken on the bone brings out the natural flavors within it. Brining works to lock in the juices and impart some flavor into the chicken, in fact with larger birds such as a turkey, it is wise to use a brine to avoid drying it out from the longer cooking process. A brine is just a simple solution of salt, sugar, and water. What you choose to add in addition is where you can get fancy and creative. The salt will permeate the meat of the chicken and bring any other flavors along with it. Recipes and cooking shows may tell you that you should brine the chicken for 2 or 3 days, but really you only need to brine it for about 2 hours for the flavors to fully permeate the meat. Roast the chicken at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.  (USDA required temp.), a good indicator that the chicken is done is when the juices coming from it are clear. If you like crispy skin, turn up the heat during the last 10 minutes of cooking to 450 degrees,  and if you have a convection option (speed bake/fan) turn that on to increase hot air circulation and evenly brown the bird all around. Allow the chicken to rest about 10-15 minutes before you slice into it, this will allow all the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, and believe me the patience will pay off.

Or… skip all of that and come grab one of our Tuscan herb roasted chickens, made with all the love in the world! We place them in a onion,garlic & rosemary brine overnight , and then smother them in a blend of herbs and spices, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil, before roasting. Our chickens are fully cooked and ready for your enjoyment, simply put them back in the oven to heat them up (about 15-20 minutes), slice and serve. Or pick the meat off the bones for chicken enchiladas, chicken stew, shredded chicken, chicken casserole, etc… the possibilities are endless.

Don’t just throw those bones away! The bones can be used to make a full flavored chicken stock, which then has yet another endless amount of possibilities. Pick apart the bones, throw them in a large pot with celery,carrots,onions, peppercorns (black pepper is fine) fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, rosemary,bay leaf) and simmer it all together for 3-4 hours. Strain the solids out and what you have left is liquid love.

A good chef can be measured but their roasted chicken, it is something so simple that everyone can do it, but using the right methods and executing them correctly will separate amateurs and professionals. Hopefully these tips will help you become creative and allow you to roast a chicken like a professional chef, but if it seems overwhelming; have no fear, Healthy Living is here to  take the weight off your shoulders. Stop in and ask our knowledgeable staff about how we roast our chickens, or how to roast your own.


Happy Cooking!!!