Planning for a clean, safe Thanksgiving shopping experience!

This holiday season HL is committed to keeping our staff and our guests safe. COVID-19 will make the always-busy days leading up to the holiday a bit different, but you can rest assured we’ve put together a comprehensive plan to keep our stores clean, safe, and running smoothly…and as always FUN! 

  1. We’ll be limiting guest traffic into the stores. To help get as many guests through our doors swiftly, we ask that you keep your shopping team to one family member if possible. 
  2. We’ll be installing plexi in order to open all of our register lanes in all of our locations. We’ll have additional line control including line markers and staff to direct people in order to keep the front end register area moving quickly. 
  3. Some areas of our stores can become bottlenecks, so we will be placing temporary barriers in some places to keep traffic flow through the stores moving evenly. 
  4. Our Bulk departments are open! We know many of you love bulk and still welcome you to shop it. We also know that sometimes bulk bagging and labeling can be time-consuming. We’ll be offering pre-packed bulk commodities for many of our fastest moving Thanksgiving items, so you can grab them and go! We hope this makes the shopping experience faster and more efficient. 

We’re working hard to make the Holiday season a success.  That means an abundant supply of great food, a staff that’s here to help, and extra safety measures to keep everyone healthy. Thank you for your understanding!

All of our locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so our staff can spend the day with their families.