Produce Department Apple Tasting

The produce department had an apple tasting to highlight to numerous varieties of apples we have in stock now.   It’s definitely apple season and we had a lot of apples to choose from.  There are so many different shades of sweet to tart and crisp to soft, what better way to pick your favorites than to try them all!  We highlighted some of Champlain & Shelburne Orchards wonderful apple options such as:

Honeycrisp: with the texture of a watermelon, this crisp apple has a flavor reminiscent of honey!  Crisp texture, very juicy, cream colored flesh, well balanced, sub acid and sugar flavor, double the cell structure of other apples

Cortland: an offspring of the popular Macintosh, this is a favorite baking apple.  Also great for fresh eating or fruit salad addition!  All-purpose red apple, crisp, juicy, snow-white, sweet-tart flesh that resists browning smooth shiny red skin, a Northwest favorite.

Check out Champlain & Shelburne Orchard websites to learn more about their apple varieties and come in to Healthy Living to try them all!

We also have numerous Heirloom Apples in Produce that have amazing taste variety so we highlighted some of the Scott Farm Heirloom Apples such as:

Ananas Reinette:  This small yellow skinned apple was grown inFrance in the 1500’s.  It has a zesty, pineapple, citrus flavor and flesh that has a fine grain texture.  Used mostly for eating out of hand, it is also a fine cooking apple.

Belle de Boskoop:  This apple is originally from theNetherlands and has a tart, sprightly flavor.  It is a superb cooking apple and is the only apple considered suitable for making authentic strudel.  Boskoops picked later in the fall are much sweeter and are excellent for fresh use.  Very large apple greenish-orange, lightly russeted skin.

Ribston Pippin:  This apple goes back to 1708 in Yorkshire England.  The original tree grew from seeds from Normandy.  It is a parent of Cox’s Orange Pippin but is sweeter, with a delightful pear flavor.  Good for both fresh eating and culinary use.  Reddish skin, some orange and light russeting.

We have many varieties of Scott Farm heirlooms in stock come in to the produce department to try them today and find out more on the scott farm website.