Produce Department Squash Tasting

With so many beautiful squash to choose from what better way to decide then by tasting lots of different varieties of yummy squash.

The produce department had a squash tasting with a few varieties of delicious squash recipes ranging from:  Sweet and Spicy Kobocha Squash, Mashed Buttercup Squash, Roasted Acorn Squash, Baked Spaghetti Squash and Long Island Cheese Pumpkin Pie.  Everyone had lot’s of fun trying all of the varieties of squash and learning a lot about all of our squash varieties including the ones we didn’t have samples for.


The Kabocha squash have a thick filling flavor and were wonderful roasted with the sweet and savory spices.

Kabocha Squash are large, round, and squat. They are dark green and mottled, often with bumpy skin.  Kabocha squash have a remarkably sweet and tender flesh with a slightly nutty flavor. The peel is thick and difficult to cut but the flesh is dense, smooth, and sweet.  Kabocha are great used is soups, roasting, steaming or baking.


The Buttercup squash had a delicate smooth texture which made it perfect for mashing.

Buttercup Squash are a flattened round squash. You can usually tell them by their distinct white cup or knob on the flower end. The deep orange flesh is very sweet and dry. The darker green the skin, the riper and sweeter the flavor.


The Long Island Cheese Squash was a great alternative for pumpkin pie, we used maple syrup instead of sugar to create the perfect light and fluffy pie with just a hint of sweetness.

Long Island Cheese Squash is A classic pumpkin of the 19th century, medium in size with a pale cheese colored skin and light ribbing.  Renowned for it’s sweet, deep orange colored flesh and its exceptional keeping qualities and named after its resemblance of a cheese wheel.  Great alternative for pumpkin pie and delicious in soups.


Find out more about all of our delicious squash by coming in and checking them out today.  Ask produce staff about the varieties and look out for exciting squash recipes!