Produce Employee Spotlight: Amber Vaughan

Amber Vaughan our resident cut fruit expert is a true Vermonter.  Amber was born and raised in Bristol and when asked why she loves Vermont she says, “Cause you can drive on a back road and people will wave to you,  it definitely makes me feel at home.  Plus it’s Vermont, how can you not love it!”  Amber has been with Healthy Living Produce for almost 2 years and came to Healthy Living to learn more about natural foods.  Amber says she loves “all of the wonderful people that she has met at Healthy Living both customers and employees.”  When not at work Amber enjoys hiking, nature walks and various crafting.   You can find Amber in Produce Monday-Friday chopping up a storm and providing you with delicious cut fruit, stir fry trays and soup trays coming soon.  Stop by the produce department to try some today or let us know if you have new cut fruit and veggie ideas.