Produce Employee Spotlight – Stephen Scuderi

Stephen Scuderi started working in produce in October of 2010. Prior to that he graduated from St. Michael’s College in 06 with a degree in Economics, minoring in Spanish. He traveled to South America in 2005, and hopes to travel again once he breaks the chains of his debt. After which, he worked on three Vermont farms and Paradise Farms in Florida. In between farm ventures, he worked for two years in Americorps, first at the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf and then for the City of Winooski, working with a teen run bike repair summer program. He rides his bike to work most days, and loves biking. A self-described fruit and vegetable manicure specialist, he writes for the weekly department newsletter and looks at sales trends. “I love this work and the people I work with are great,” Steve says. As far as food goes, I stopped cooking my food a few years ago, when I got into raw foods. Since then, I’ve become more interested in cooking my veggies lightly & quickly by a short boil or steam. “I’m a squirrelly omnivore,” Steve admits. He gives thanks for his work and customer interaction at Healthy Living. 

These days when he’s not at work, you’ll probably find him sitting in front of his computer, surfing social media and reading interesting articles. His main hobbies are playing guitar and gardening. He hopes this summer will be a breakthrough summer, as he hopes to start a band, attend festivals and help his friend’s landscaping business get off the ground.