Product Spotlight: Steven Smith Tea

At Healthy Living we pride ourselves on knowing exactly where the products we carry come from. We’re excited to share a new product with you that takes traceability to a whole new level!  Steven Smith Tea, a small tea company based out of Portland, Oregon, boasts itself on providing “the finest, freshest full leaf teas, tonics and elixirs.”

At first glance it’s a nicely designed, sleek box of tea, but what you’ll find on the bottom of the box is what’s got us talking!  In small black type you’ll see the particular tea you selected has a batch number. On the website you can search your batch number and discover who blended it, packed it, a full ingredient list with descriptions, and more. They’ve really taken product knowledge to a new level!

This impressive and delicious product is the brain child of Steve Smith, a long time tea lover who’s been around the tea world for quite some time.  As a child he drank tea in his grandmother’s kitchen and it was love at first sip. In 1972 he co-founded Stash Tea Company, which quickly grew to become an American favorite. In 1993, Steve left Stash to pursue a new vision and took to his kitchen to create a premium tea based on blending the finest herbs and botanicals. The result came to be known as Tazo.

In 1999, Tazo was acquired by Starbucks and Smith continued to guide the company until 2006. During this time, he created over 60 of Tazo’s most well-liked beverages. Steve only took one year off before his passion for tea called him back to Portland, and Steve Smith Teas was born. Steve is deeply immersed in the tea company that bears his name, and on any given day can be found sourcing top quality ingredients, tracing their origins, and pouring passion into his tea. Try some today, and follow the source of your tea leaves as you enjoy a heavenly cup.


Intern Extraordinaire