Product Spotlight: Unreal Candy-Coated Milk Chocolates

We just added something rather special indeed to our Bulk Department: introducing… Unreal Candy-Coated Milk Chocolates in individual color bins!

For all the kids (and kids at heart) who don’t like their foods to touch on the plate and separate their candies by color before enjoying them (because, c’mon, I can’t be the only one who does this) these bins are like a dream come true.

For everyone else, these bins are simply awesome for parties, lunchboxes, cupcake decorating, and more!  Does your little girl just adore yellow?  Put a small bag of just yellow Unreal chocolates in her lunchbox for an extra-special treat.  Planning a baby shower with a blue and green color scheme?  Put out bowls of blue and green Unreal chocolates to delight your guests while staying true to the theme.  The fun possibilities are endless and these bins will save you all the time you would have devoted to picking out only the color(s) you want.

Plus, Unreal candies are just incredibly good and made with all good ingredients: Fair Trade certified cacao, cocoa butter, and cane sugar; colors squeezed from real foods like beetroot, turmeric, and red cabbage; real vanilla extract; and organic milk.  In fact, everything that goes into these chocolate candies is non-GMO and they don’t use any gluten, corn, and soy!  (Yes, soy-free candy-coated chocolates are possible!)

And, Unreal chocolates have only 15g of sugar per serving- that’s just under half of the sugar you get in each serving of M&M’s®.  So, not only are they made from better ingredients, they’re made to be better for you entirely.  These are so good, it’s kinda… unreal.

(By the way, if you like your candies to mix ‘n’ mingle, don’t worry: we have bins of assorted colors too, including regular milk chocolate and milk chocolate peanuts.  Yum!)

Stop by the Bulk Department and bring some home today!