Product Spotlight: Urban Moonshine Immune Blends

Allow us to be the thousandth voice to marvel at the commencement of autumn.  It’s a remarkable time of year full of gorgeous visual transitions (is there anything more stunning than a forest painted in gold, ruby, and umber?), dramatic shifts in weather (time to pull out the wool sweaters!), and a more gentle, relaxed atmosphere (with plenty of evenings in front of the fire- or radiator- curled up with a book).  We seriously love this season.

For the most part.  There is one feature of the season we seriously do not love, however- the colds and flus it tends to bring; fall is, after all, “cold season” or “flu season”.  And when you’re dealing with one of these viruses, it just takes all the joy out of the sights, weather, and ambience the season has to offer.


We suggest you stop those viruses in their tracks and get the most out of fall with the assistance of Urban Moonshine’s immunity blends.

Located right in Burlington, VT, Urban Moonshine got their start at the Burlington Farmers Market and have become wildly successful.  They are committed to bringing herbal medicine into everyone’s modern life, sourcing the highest quality herbs available (which includes local farms!) and transforming them into easy-to-take, easy-to-love bitters and tonics that support everyday wellness.

To that end, they have developed a unique blend of immunity-supporting ingredients to create an amazing product called Immune Tonic.  Crafted from a specific combination of berries, mushrooms, and roots which have all been used traditionally to support a healthy immune system (things like ginger root, red reishi, and astragulas), Immune Tonic is a fantastic way to keep your natural defenses up and going strong in the face of the season’s less-pleasant aspects.  Plus, using it is incredibly easy; the Immune Tonic comes in a variety of sizes that fit easily into your backpack, purse- it even comes in a spray that can fit in your pocket for immunity-support on the go!  This is an everyday product that we recommend adding to your daily regimen as soon as possible because, unlike so many remedies, this one is designed to bolster your immune system’s functions before you get sick.

But maybe you’re already feeling some sniffles, in which case a preventative tonic might not fit the bill.  Instead, you’ll want to check out Urban Moonshine’s Immune Zoom!  This “first response” product is packed with powerful immune-boosting ingredients like elderberry, Echinacea, and raw honey- all of which have long been used in traditional medicine.  This tonic combines these ingredients with circulation-supporting ones like ginger and cayenne, resulting in a fast-acting “herbal first aid” that will help your immune system nip those sniffles in the bud.  Also available in easy-to-pack assorted sizes (’cause you never know where you’ll be when you feel that first tickle in your throat), the Immune Zoom is a product we recommend having on hand heading into this gorgeous season.

Because it is a gorgeous season and you deserve to enjoy every good thing it has to offer!

Here’s to your health(y immune system)!

And if you’re interested in finding out more about these blends, about Urban Moonshine, or herbal medicine in general, check out the company’s website: