Product Spotlight: Vermont Soy Tofu


“I can’t believe it. I just ate tofu—and I liked it!”

-Matt Buley, Executive Chef

This pretty much sums up our attitude toward Vermont Soy tofu. Not only is it a minimally-processed local, organic product, but it’s a phenomenal tofu to work with. It crisps up in the oven perfectly—no reason to fry. It doesn’t crumble during agitation, and it holds sauce like a boss. It’s unlike other tofu in that it’s produced fresh, in small batches. This really comes through when you taste Vermont Soy tofu and find that it has flavor on its own. It’s depth and texture are uncommon in the tofu world (believe us…we’ve eaten a LOT of tofu).

Vermont Soy is located in Hardwick, VT, and Healthy Living & Café is proud to serve it on our hot bar 7 days a week.