Protect Your Ink with Vermont Vegan Supply!

If you haven’t heard of this relatively new kid on the cosmetic block, it’s our privilege to introduce you. (Reader, meet Vermont Vegan Supply. Vermont Vegan Supply, meet Reader. Hello!)

This tattoo soap and balm company is the amazing brain-child of couple Nicholas and Lucia Shepard who were inspired to inspect the quality of the soaps they were using after reading an article on bath products. They learned that the industry standard for conventional soaps and balms is to add all sorts of synthetics and fillers (things like petrochemicals and even formaldehyde) and they were floored. Why were these things in there? That news was bad enough. But then they realized that people with tattoos, including themselves, were putting these unnecessary additives directly onto their healing skin during their tattoo aftercare routine. Unacceptable.

As they say, their goal was clear: “create the purest, highest quality cosmetics on the market”. Combining years of continued education on the subject of veganism with their new knowledge of cosmetic manufacturing practices, they launched Vermont Vegan Supply in March of 2015. Founded on functionality rather than simply scent and color, their tattoo aftercare products have already enjoyed great success in Vermont and well beyond.

Made with 100% organic and vegan ingredients, their Tattoo Liquid Soap and 7th Element Balm are tremendously effective (even without all those synthetic additives). Although they have many ingredients in common, the soap is particularly formulated to naturally kill bacteria, accelerate healing, and relieve pain and the balm is designed to accelerate healing, reduce swelling, prevent infection, and strengthen skin. That’s sweet music to anyone with new ink!

Vermont Vegan Supply hopes to set a new standard for the industry, offering products that will protect your skin as well as your new body art, and it’s our pleasure to carry their products!