Rosé Wines


A featured selection of rosé wines in Divine Wines.
(From left to right: Terre Nere 2012 – $17.99, Bieler 2012 – $9.99, Laurent Miquel 2012 – $9.99, Triennes 2012 – $18.99, M. Chapoutier Belleruche 2012 – $12.99, Chateau Guiot 2011 – $11.99, Chateau de Lascaux 2012 – $15.99)

Have we mentioned it’s rosé wine season? …surely once or twice by now.

It’s going to be a beautiful day in Saratoga this Saturday, so celebrate it while it lasts with a cold, crisp, dry bottle of rosé wine. Don’t think you like rosé? Thinking of the everyday white Zinfandel most have come to know? Think again. These wines, though fruit forward, are nothing like what most think a rosé wine consists of. Crisp, dry, and fabulously pink in color, any one of these bottles will convert even the most skeptical of minds.