Say Cheese! Benefits of cheese!

Who doesn’t love cheese? There are so many varieties, flavors, and textures to try. Our Cheese Department is full of high quality and local cheeses, Argyle Cheese Farmer (Argyle, NY) , R&G Cheesemakers (Cohoes, NY), and  Coach Farm (Pine Plains, NY) to name a few. If you are a cheese fanatic then you must check out our selection! Did you know that Cheese is also good for you? IMG_0048

CHEESE (General)
– good source of protein – protein helps you feel satisfied and full for longer periods of time (protein slows the absorbtion of carbohydrates and balances blood sugar levels/improves general mood)
– good source of concentrated calcium – aids in cavity prevention, tooth decay and osteoporosis
– cheese is essentially concentrated milk, so the vitamins and minerals are concentrated making for a nutrition packed snack/meal
– cheese contains zinc which aids in tissue growth and repair, protects skin, and keeps nails strong
– helps to balance your metabolism with a varied array of nutrients
CHEESE (Raw Milk Cheeses)
– made with milk that has not been pasteurized
– come in all shapes, sizes and textures
– typically made by small-scale artisan producers
– all raw milk cheeses must be aged for a minimum of 60 days before they are released – this eliminates harmful bacteria that could be lurking in the raw milk
– results in richer, stronger, more unique flavors that are typical of that region
typically free of antibiotics and growth hormones
– enzymes in raw milk help the digestion of sugars, fats and minerals in the milk; pasteurization destroys these enzymes and makes it more difficult to digest milk, leading to lactose intolerance
more nutrients such as B and C vitamins than pasteurized milk; the heating of pasteurized milk destroys these nutrients along with the flavor and color of the real milk
retains levels of good bacteria that help to retard the growth of possible bad bacteria
For those who are lactose conscious, we have a large selection of goat, buffalo, and sheep milk cheeses. Want to try something from our selections? Our Cheese Department is happy to give you a sample of any cheese that we sell. We also offer fantastic cheese platters for parties and events. Just give us a call at (518) 306 – 4900 and we will take care of you!