I love body scrubs. I love body scrubs A LOT. I love body scrubs so much that I feel like I should belong to a scrub-aholics anonymous organization of some kind.

Why do I love body scrubs so much you ask? A body scrub is a way to encourage new skin renewal, detoxify the skin  and stimulate your circulation. Body scrubs are great for any skin type but are most beneficial for people with dry skin. Being that it is almost December now, we all seem to be drying out like crazy with the dipping temperatures. So here are some great body scrub suggestions for products that you can find on our shelves all winter long!

100% Pure French Lavender Body Scrub (19 oz $20.99): This luxurious scrub is made with French Sea Salt which is rich in essential minerals as well as detoxifying. With so many incredible anti-aging fruit oils (pomegranate, goji and noni to name a few) and the lovely smells of pure lavender essential oil, this product is really something special.

Cyntheas’ Spa Vermont Coffee Body Scrub (12 oz. $17.99): It’s caffeine for your skin! this locally made scrub has only two ingriedients, Organic Fair Trade Coffee and Grapeseed Oil (the coffee comes from Speeder and Earls, a local favorite coffee producer). Coffee is amazing for breaking down cellulite and grapeseed oil is full of antioxidants to combat dryness and make you glow! Yum…

Zen Society Body Scrub (8 fl oz. $21.99): This is my current favorite. It’s so simple and so nourishing. The ingredients are Cane Sugar, Coconut Flakes, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oil. This scrub is so gentle and healing you can even use it on your face. We like to use it as a hand scrub in the department sometimes and love how it makes our hands feel after. It’s USDA certified organic, 100% Vegan and Gluten Free.

All of these have beautiful packaging, enabling them to make wonderful gifts for the holidays. Treat yourself or someone you know to the gift of healthy skin.


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