Shop Bulk!

Buying in bulk doesn’t mean you have to buy large quantities. “Bulk” refers only to the store’s presentation of the products, not the amount you purchase.  In fact, bulk is the best option for buying smaller quantities.  Spices are a great example of this.  As we watch our budgets — buying in bulk is an amazing option for you to save lots of money while maintaining a very high standard of quality! We have over 400 products to chose from in our Bulk Department. If you don’t see what you need it can possibly be ordered for you. All you have to do is put in a request at our Customer Service Desk and your opinion will be heard!

What can be bought in bulk? 
photo 2 (7)
Grains, Flours, and Sugars
photo 5 (3)
Coffee and Tea
photo 4 (2)
Spices, Herbs and Cosmetic Salts
photo 1 (7)
 Dried Fruit and Granola
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Liquids: Maple Syrup, Honey, Oils
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Nuts and freshly ground nut butters
– Did you know that Bulk Foods…
   – Cost on average 89% less than packaged foods
   – Allow you to buy exactly what you need
   – Better for the environment! Bulk food prevent a significant amount of foods from reaching landfills
   – guests are welcome to bring their own container! Just go to the Customer Service Desk to have it weighed.
   – Are a cheap and easy way to try new things
   – Have the same or greater quality than packaged.
Bulk and packaged often come from the same source, but with packaged consumers are paying a premium for advertising, branding ,and overhead costs.
Shop Bulk today! You will save money and help save the environment!