Simple Self-love & Self-care Practices  

Self-care is a word that I hear often in my work with clients and in my circle of friends.  I often ask my clients, friends, and family if they are taking good care of themselves. After all, self-care IS an important aspect of personal health and wellness. Self-care is the stuff you do for yourself to take care of your needs and support your mental, physical and emotional well-being.  And while that all sounds nice, sometimes self-care can feel like yet another thing on your “to-do” list. For this reason, I like to find ways to make daily activities of self-care a little bit more fun by focusing on simple practices that make me happy and that easy good. For me it is fun to turn self-care into a game of discovery.

Here are a few things I am enjoying right now:

  1. I have fallen in love with the Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea.  I keep a glass jar of the tea bags out on my desk as a reminder to take needed breaks throughout the day.  I have also given myself permission to buy a nice mug when it really speaks to me. A just right mug elevates the self care practice to a higher sense of personal ownership.

  2. I have also discovered a love of eye pillows sprinkled with a little essential oil to aid in relaxation.  Something fun for me is opening the bottles of essential oil to see what my senses respond to. Right now I am loving a combination of rose geranium and ylang ylang.  Essential oils are a simple, yet powerful, tool to amp up your self care.


Self-love is something we can cultivate through good self-care practices.  More so, self-love is the attitude and energy that we meet ourselves with. It is the spirit of feeling worthy of good self care.  It is the way that we talk to ourselves, our narrative that runs inside of our head. It is more akin to acceptance than arrogance.  And in practice in might look a little like allowing yourself to feel more positive about ALL of your qualities and quirks, those you are most proud of and those that challenge you at times.  Discovering self-love, can open more room to enjoy practices of pampering self care. Give it a try. Maybe take a little time for yourself to just notice what you are most in need of and find a simple and small way to  give yourself more of that.

Written for Healthy Living by Kimberly Evans MS RD.
Kimberly Evans is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and food enthusiast with over 30 years of experience in helping clients achieve health as a lifestyle. She firmly believes the “good life” should be every day life.Kimberly has a life long love of ballet, running and yoga. Kimberly is passionate about making it easy to connect to multiple sources of nourishment to support your health and vitality.