Spring Forward to NEW HL Delights Your Family Will Love

Brighten up your grocery cart with delicious, nutritious Healthy Living treats.

Waterloo Passion Fruit Sparkling Water

Fresh, ripe, bursting Passion Fruit flavor—drift off to an island state of mind with Waterloo Sparkling Water! Sip on non-GMO verified natural flavoring, purified water, and authentic taste from the first crack of the can to the last bubbly drop.

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

Ever crave something sweet in the morning? Made with only 5g of sugar and 80% delicious cacao, Justin’s Organic Super Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter & Almond Butter Espresso Cups are the perfect way to start your day. Or end it. Or both!

Pizzeria Verità Hot Honey & Pasta Sauce

Is it getting hot in here, honey? Pizzeria Verità Hot Honey is a tangy take on pizza’s favorite spicy drizzle. Add a zing to your slice, fried chicken, BBQ, or grilled veggies. Speaking of elevating a dish, bring plates of pasta, lasagnas, & soups to life with Trattoria Delia Salsa Pomodoro sauce: the same bright, delicious pasta sauce served in their restaurant! 

Mast Chocolate Bars

Rich, classic dark chocolate made in-house from bean to bar. Meet Mast Chocolate Bars, made with ethically and sustainably sourced cocoa beans from Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania. Flavors like Hazelnut & Sea Salt start with delicately roasting the beans and slowly stone-milling them for several days before being perfectly poured into classic and mini chocolate bars.

Heyday Canning Co.

Exciting, fun and delicious canned food IS possible. Heyday Canning Co. crafts savory recipes like Tomato Alla Vodka Cannellini Beans, Enchilada Black Beans, & Coconut Curry Chickpeas. Naturally preserved with heat, no single-use plastics, and ready to eat when you are. Grab some all the cans this week! 

BodyHealth Perfect Amino Tablets & Powders

Pure essential amino acids, 99% utilized and fully absorbed within 20-30 minutes: that’s BodyHealth Perfect Amino! Tasty tablets and powders like Mixed Berry and Strawberry are 100% vegan and non-GMO. Plus, they convert protein into body protein better than eggs, meat, fish, and nuts.

Bodyhealth Perfect Amino Electrolyte Supplements

A perfectly balanced, easy-to-use, & absolutely delicious electrolyte drink fortified with PerfectAmino to help rebuild muscle and improve endurance. The Watermelon and Orange blend provides your body with the hydration and protein-building boost it needs to stay in the workout longer AND recover faster.

Better & Better Toothpaste

Toothpaste that does more! Better & Better toothpaste is formulated with natural nutrients and vitamins that are absorbed directly through your mouth while brushing. Check out the Energy toothpaste for a boost of Vitamins B12 and D3, or the Immunity paste for a dose of Vitamins C, E, and Zinc. It’s brushing, but better!

Better Butter Finishing Butters

Better food starts with Better Butter! This rich, creamy, and 100% real craft butter comes in a variety of delicious flavors, from sweet to savory. All are made with simple, high-quality ingredients to take your favorite dish from “Oh” to “WHOA!”

The Simmering Bone Bone Broths

Delicious AND local! The Simmering Bone makes nourishing broths from grass-grazed animals and 100% organic produce grown right here in Vermont. Try out their selection of hearty blends that support optimal growth, development, digestion, and more.

Flax4Life Gluten-Free Cookies

A smart cookie! Flax4Life crafts irresistible, gluten-free baked goods packed full of fiber, Omega 3’s, and healthy protein. Every flavor is baked with flax and other quality ingredients to support the mind, heart, bones, and gut. Plus, its packaging is being converted to plant-based and compostable materials. A win inside and out!

Tillamook Ice Cream Tubs

Tillamook is raising the bar for ice cream, one tub at a time. The farmer-owned co-op, based out of Oregon, is committed to crafting a decadent ice cream while supporting local communities. Enjoy the creamy, classic flavors of Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, or Orange and Cream while supporting youth development and food security. Now that’s pretty sweet!

Cocojune Organic Plant-Based Kids Pouches

The classic, squeezable snack you know and love—with an upgrade! Cocojune Organic’s Pouches contain plant-based, organic yogurt made with real ingredients and no added sugar. Kids will love the delicious fruity flavors, and you’ll love the DHA Omega 3 and plastic-neutral packaging. It just might become the new family favorite!

Mitchell’s Fresh Guacamole

Delicious guac is in stock! Mitchell’s Fresh Guacamole is perfectly blended with hand-picked, high-quality ingredients right over in Concord, NH. A tasty, all-natural snack that’s as good as homemade and perfect for dipping—yum!