Hello, Healthy Living Shoppers! This Wednesday we introduced a new sale for the month of March; there are bargains galore on everything from super supplements to winning wines. We spoke to Mary in Wellness, Brian in Beer & Wine, and Paul in Produce to show you how to save some green on fresh, tasty, and healthy goodies.

First up is Mary in our Wellness Department. She’s a veritable encyclopedia of vitamin knowledge and can help show you what you need to leap into the season with a spring in your step. She’s thrilled that the Stamets 7 from Host Defense is on sale this month. Host Defense was founded by Paul Stamets, a mycological pioneer, to harness the incredible power of mushrooms and their mycological roots. He found that when carefully and consciously extracted, these amazing fungi can help boost your immune system to superhuman levels. Quoth Mary, “It’s SO much more than a multivitamin…it’s a multimushroom! Great for what ails you.” If you’re looking to give your immune system a boost, come check out the Stamets 7! On sale this month from $37.99 to $28.49- it’s a savings of 25%!

Mary loves mushrooms!
Mary loves mushrooms!

Next we have Brian, our resident Beer and Wine guru. He’d like to highlight the Monte Oton, a Garnacha from Spain on sale this month from $9.99 to $7.99. This vivacious red gives a serious bang for the buck and its fun packaging makes for a great springtime hostess gift. According to Brian and Wine Spectator, this vivid vino is polished, full-bodied, and smooth. Your tongue will delight in the bright berry flavors that envelop themselves in notes of sweet kirsch, lavender, and licorice; it’s a well-balanced wine with a pleasant mix of tannins and acids. Drink now or cellar-fabulous from now ‘til 2015!

Brian walks on the wine side
Brian walks on the winey side

Rounding out our staff sale spotlight is Paul in Produce. Funnily enough, he’s featuring a product on sale in the grocery department- the Laurel Hill multigrain tortilla chips, on sale for $2.19 from $3.19. They’re so crispy and delicious you probably won’t even notice that they’re chock-full of quinoa, chia and flax seeds, and brown rice! Paul is highlighting this item to go along with a new addition to the Produce Department: pre-cut salsa starters! We take the freshest peppers, onions, tomatoes, and herbs and chop them up for your processing pleasure. Simply add garlic, lime, salt and pepper, or whatever else your heart desires… pulse in a food processor for a minute or two, and you’ll have a homemade salsa without the pain-in-the-butt prep. When asked for a quote about this fabulous salsa starter, Paul said that he’d “let the salsa do the talking.” Your salsa, our veggies… it’s a winning combination!

Paul declined to be photographed, so he took the photo... Thanks Paul!
Paul declined to be photographed, so he took the photo… Thanks Paul!