Staff Spotlight: Catching up with Hilary in the Bakeshop

When you visit our South Burlington Bakeshop, you’re bound to see Hilary hard at work with that broad smile that engages every person. Hilary‘s been with HL almost eleven years, and has been the inspiration for so many of the amazing, delicious, irresistible things you’ll find in our Bakeshop cases.
She learned to bake in her father’s restaurant in Morrisville, VT, loved “the science of baking,” and decided to make it a career. Over the years Hilary has probably made over 5000 pies, and that is not an exaggeration!  Between linzer tarts, pastries, cookies, muffins…..WOW! Hilary has been super busy turning out super amazing things in our super busy Bakeshop.
At home, Hilary says her kids love things like tiramisu and creme brûlée for their birthdays. We’re not surprised her kids have sophisticated taste! We are so grateful for almost 11 wonderful years with Hilary‘s talented devotion to all things sweet and wonderful!