Steadfast Gluten-Free Beer Tasting Thursday July 11th 4pm-7pm

Steadfast Golden Blonde

Join us Thursday July 11th from 4pm-7pm at our Demo Center in Healthy Living Saratoga as we invite Steadfast Beer Company back to sample their gluten-free beer! This time we will have both their Pale Ale, and their newly released Golden Blonde Ale to sample.

As with their Pale Ale, the Golden Blonde Ale is gluten-free as well. It is a Belgian-style ale brewed with sorghum, honey and citrus spices. Steadfast uses only naturally gluten-free ingredients that are listed on every one of their bottle labels. They work closely with the owners of their brewery to ensure a cross-contamination-free setting for brewing their gluten-free beer. Still worried about trace amounts of gluten? Each batch is personally tested by White Labs with the most trusted tests available for measuring gluten, so you can be sure when they say their beer is gluten-free, that it truly is.

Looking for more of a reason to buy Steadfast? During the tasting, when you pick up a 4-pack of Pale Ale or Golden Blonde Ale, you get to take home a free Steadfast tasting glass! And no, this is not just any ordinary tasting glass. In the center of the bottom of the glass, a compass has been laser etched to help preserve the head of foam at the top; specifically designed in mind for gluten-free beers that lose their head quicker than traditional beers.

If you are of the legal US drinking age of 21 years of age and wish to partake, we simply request that you have a valid form of photo identification.

Now living gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to give up beer that actually tastes like beer. Gluten-free? Welcome back to beer!