Summer Grilling at its Best


Summertime is grill time, and our tumbled-marinated meats are fantastic on the grill. Getting ready to entertain can be stressful, so let us take the meat prep off your shoulders. We suggest grilling up a variety of tumbled meats and making it a party. And what the heck, if it rains on party day, these meats are just as delectable pan-fried. Available packaged in our meat case all summer long!

Our tumbling process increases the infusion of the marinade flavors into the meat. Many folks find tumbled meat to be juicier, more tender, and more flavorful than traditional methods of marinating. Plus, it’s so convenient – we do the work for you!

Our tumbled meat selections include Black River Meats Flap/Bavette Steak and Smart Chicken Breast. Our delicious marinades are house-made and deliver amazing flavor profiles. Tumbled flavors we currently offer include Korean BBQ, Maple Balsamic, Teriyaki, and Jerk-spice (chicken only). Naturally, both the meats and marinades adhere to our stringent product standards meaning the meat is raised without antibiotics or hormones, and our marinades don’t include anything artificial. Try every mouth watering flavor this summer!  


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