Summer Lovin’ – Local Lovin’

It’s summertime, the perfect time at Healthy Living to celebrate our love for local. Why do we love local? Let us count the ways…

#1 Love for local farms! At Healthy Living we are committed to supporting the hard working farmers in our community who bring us real food all year long.

#2 Love for the robust selection! Our shelves are bursting with beautiful produce that showcases the vast array of fruits and vegetables that grow locally.

#3 Love for great prices! Local food means reduced costs in getting food from the farm to our store and to your kitchen.

#4 Love for the local economy and environment! When you buy local you are putting dollars back into your community and reducing the carbon footprint of food distribution.

#5 Love the knowledge! Local food means greater access to information about how that food was grown, raised or produced. Knowledge is power.

#6 Love the FLAVOR! Local food is at its nutritional peak, bursting with fresh flavor.

Tell us the ways you are loving local this summer!