Summertime in Wellness!

Whatever takes you into the great outdoors this summer-  from picnics and hiking to swimming or camping- we’ve got you covered with skin care basics to keep you happy and protected while enjoying the beautiful weather and bright sun!
Wellness Products
All-Natural Bug Repellants: Don’t get bugged while enjoying the sun- use Rad Soap Co’s Hoe Down’s bug spray!  This DEET-free formula protects against ticks, mosquitoes, flies, ants, lice, and more!  Hoe Down is kid-friendly and pet-friendly, making it a product you and your family can’t live without this summer!  And you’ve been asking for it so we’ve brought it in: rose geranium essential oil!  This is your singular essential oil for use against ticks (and it smells amazing, too)!
Sunscreens: Kiss My Face has made applying sunscreen to your kids easy with Kids Defense Spray!  Made with non-nano minerals, nourishing superfruits, and a natural fresh scent, this SPF30 lotion is a great choice for all adventures out in the sun.  We’re also proud to carry natural and effective sunscreens from Burn Out, Badger, Acure, and RAW Elements.  Also, we have something special for those of you sporting tattoos: Kiss My Face’s Tattoo Shade, an anti-fade tattoo protection lotion to keep your tattoos looking fresh.
After-Sun Care: Did you forget your sunscreen this morning?  Don’t worry- we can help calm your skin down with Badger’s Certified Organic After Sun Balm.  If you prefer aloe, we have that too!  We’re happy to carry Aloe Vera 99% Gelly from Lily of the Desert, which comes in a tube, is easy to apply, and doesn’t have any of that unnecessary artificial color.
So enjoy the weather and don’t forget to stop in and pick up these summer basics!