Super Health Benefits from the Sacred Chia Seed

Chia Seeds at Healthy Living in Saratoga Springs

Cha-Cha-Cha Chia!

Many of us know the tune from the commercial for the Chia Pet…Did you also know about their health benefits?

The chia seeds you find in our Wellness Department at Healthy Living and Cafe can provide a lovely sprouted green plant in your kitchen…Or…They can provide you with an extensive list of health benefits.

Historically, the chia seed has been a key component in the daily diet for Aztecs and Mayans. The seeds’ nutrients provided sustained energy for long periods of time and was often used for medicinal purposes as well.

Today, people enjoy this powerhouse seed because it is a valuable source of Alpha-Linoleic Acid (ALA), an omega 3 essential fatty acid that can help the cardiovascular system.  Additionally, they are a great source of fiber for the digestive system.

These seeds are tasteless (some say they have a minor nutty taste to them), odorless, high in antioxidant activity, and are quite versatile…You can throw them in your yogurt, cereal, smoothies or favorite salad.  You can also put them in water and stir until the mixture thickens…In minutes, the chia seeds plump up like raisins, soaking up the water and they also begin to gel together.  With this newly created chia gel, you can spread it on a piece of toast, rice cracker or throw some dried cranberries in the mix and enjoy it as a chia pudding.

The sky is the limit with chia.
Be sure to check out our selection of chia seeds on Vitamin Thursdays and make your next meal a healthy one.

With love from Wellness,