The Superpowers of Dead Sea Salts

The Dead Sea contains over 21 different minerals. This natural body of salt water has the highest amounts of bromide, magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium and potassium than any other on the planet.

Epsom salts are very different from Dead Sea salts, and consist of only one mineral, magnesium sulfate. Many Epsom salts are produced in a lab, while Dead Sea salts are naturally harvested and sun-dried. Since it’s a natural product, the antioxidant and mineral levels may vary from each batch. However, they all contain approximately 30% mineral content (compared to about 3% from ocean salt products).

How to use Dead Sea salts:

Use 1-2 cups per bath up to several times a week.
Take a bath with Dead Sea salts for no more than 20 minutes. Drink water if you plan to take a longer bath.
Add the salts to warm water. Taking baths in hot water can strip the body of its natural oils.

Who can benefit?

Anyone! Minerals play crucial roles in the human body and are involved in processes such as muscle contractions, balancing skin moisture, producing energy, detoxification, nutrient absorption and so much more.