Tasting of Delicious King’s Row Coffee

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A Chef With One Goal

The perfect coffee. And so it began, he traveled the world to find what he needed.

Quality Over Quantity Matters

The shade-grown, Arabica beans in our blends are some of the world’s finest, and vastly about the “super-premium” lines, which use the top 10 to 20% of global production.

Our beans are procured via a quality-over-quantity approach in which growers are paid 35 to 100% greater than Fair Trade rates based on quality alone, following a cupping at the grower level.

“Fair Trade” coffee, which guarantees minimum revenues to the farmer, does not pay farmers enough to produce truly amazing coffee. By linking the supply chain, growers are paid directly and incentivized to produce consistently amazing coffee, while treating the workers and the land fairly.

The coffee beans in King’s Row blends come from small farms in South America, Central America, Africa and Asia.