Tatine Artisinal Candle Studio

Holy moly me oh my are we excited about these candles!

Drawing inspiration from industrial and machine age design,  mother nature and of coarse British rock n’ roll, Tatine candles are painstakingly hand-crafted in an old recording studio in Chicago.  If that isn’t awesometown I don’t know what is!

I brought in two of their lines to start and have been blown away with the reaction they’ve received so far.

The first is Tatine’s Ambient Collection

These little darlin’s are specifically crafted for the dining table.   The aromatic scents are all intended to be atmospheric suggestions to compliment your meal.  With names like “Black Pepper”, “Balsamic” and “Bitter Fennel” I was pretty much sold at the get-go.  They come in 3’s and are packaged impeccably in 100% recycled letter pressed boxes.  Each 2″x2″ cube is a blend of soy and beeswax and they are just beauties to behold (and smell).

We are also offering their Rustique line

The Bistro Cubes are little beeswax cubes, delightfully presented and as unique as they are simple.

Medieval Cathedral Tapers are also beeswax and just gorgeous.  This bundle of generously sized tapers suggests an old world elegance and ancient beauty.  The delicate aroma of honey and soft amber glow from these bad boys are sure to make any table wonderful and welcoming.

I’m so fired up about these candles that I can’t wait to…well, fire them up!  Come in and sniff for yourself in our candle department.

Cheers for now,

John, Housewares buyer and candle enthusiast