The Apprentice Loaf from Gérard’s Bakery

gerards apprentices 2.17.14
Sophia Berard

We feel very lucky to offer you The Apprentice Loaf from Gérard’s Bakery. We have these loafs on our shelves, fresh, every Tuesday and Friday afternoon.

The Apprentice Loaf from Gérard’s Bakery reflects the artisan method of making bread and the passing on of a baker’s craft.  In an intensive and hands-on program. To create this bread Gérard, works side by side with an apprentice, teaching every step that goes into making this amazing,naturally fermented bread.

For years Sophia Berard had been an amateur home baker.  She met Gérard in late 2012 and knew by the smell of wood fire, fresh bread and flour in the air that baking this bread was her new adventure. Having never made a loaf of traditional bread on her own, she fell into the craft almost immediately, thrilled by the process and science involved in the art of mixing, shaping and baking.
What drew Sophia to Gérard’s Bakery was his traditional approach to making bread, using naturally fermented levain instead of commercial yeast, resulting in a loaf produced by many hours of care and patience.
The Apprentice Loaf is made with 30% fresh milled spelt, an ancient grain high in protein which adds a rich, almost nutty flavor to the bread. Due to the long fermentation of the dough, the gluten proteins get a chance to break down, resulting in a lower glycemic index and easier digestibility. And the shape of the loaf, a mini baguette, is a manageable size for single or small-family bread lovers, but great for all and any who just want a healthy, delicious bread!