The Farm at Miller’s Crossing brings Spring with their plant starts!

millers crossing 2
french breakfast radishes

We love carrying The Farm at Miller’s Crossing plants.  Their starts are great quality, they are organic, they are never sprayed with neonicotinoids (linked to bee colony collapse disorder), and best of all, they are LOCAL!

That’s important to us, because our Produce departments strive to buy locally grown produce as much as we possibly can, and our Plants and Flowers department (run as it is by our lovely Produce buyers) is no different.

In fact, Healthy Living is a business that has been buying directly from local farmers and producers for 30 years, and as someone who works with farmers every day, I can tell you that it never gets old. Mostly because, as I was telling a flower farmer recently, farmers are my absolute favorite people.

Anyway, this will be our third year carrying plants from Chris and Katie of The Farm at Miller’s Crossing, and there is always a huge variety to choose from – whether you are looking for herbs to keep in your kitchen or all sorts of veggies and flowers for your gardens.

If you have some time, check out their website – it has awesome recipes, great blog posts about what they do, and beautiful photos. Their newsletters are informative too, and you can get to know their family and history, and you might find out how to shell peas!

We will be starting off this week with 15 different kinds of herbs, 28 different kinds of veggies, and will be waiting ever so patiently for the flowers that are surely arriving in the next few weeks.

If you want to plant peas, kale, beets, lettuce, cabbage, baby bok choi, or brussels, you are in luck and can get started right away – because that’s only part of what we are getting in! Now that I mention it, that’s only a small part of what we will have to offer this season, because we still are waiting on the fabulous peppers and tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers to come.

In the meantime, get ready for spring by planting cold-hardy vegetables and flowers, cleaning and preparing the beds for veggies, and sharpening your tools…because really, Spring and then Summer are right around the corner.