Our October COVID-19 update from Katy Lesser!

As we roll into beautiful Autumn and beyond, we want to update you on our important COVID-19 protocols and news.  There’s a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months.  Changing temps, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas, New Years and more! We are actively preparing with exceptionally clean stores, socially distanced lines at our registers and in our aisles, and mandated masks.  Masks are absolutely required at Healthy Living, so if you’ve forgotten yours you will be approached by one of our Managers. They will hand you a mask and remind you that in both Vermont and New York, guidance states that those who can’t or won’t wear a mask use curbside pickup…and we request the same! So in the future if you’re a person who cannot wear a mask, please use curbside pickup. And remember, behind our masks, we’re smiling and we’re happy to see you in the store!
One more note about masks.  Keeping our staff safe and healthy is of utmost importance to us.  They’ve been coming to work right from the start of the pandemic, and while they’ve been dedicated and upbeat, they are also scared.  They’re dealing with hundreds of people every day! We’ve reassured staff that they do not have to serve unmasked guests.
Our curbside pickup, HL2GO, continues to be busy!  We’ve streamlined the process, and in addition, we’ve been fortunate to have longtime relationships with our distributors and vendors, who’ve ensured that in most cases, our supply chain is not disrupted….in fact, our shelves, coolers, and freezers are mostly back to normal with abundant selections in every category.  Lots of new products too!
Shutting down our Cafe in March was SAD!.  Since then our re-invigorated Cafe staff has come up with a whole new approach and for starters, you’ll see major changes in our salad bar.  Our Made to Order salads are fantastic….a cafe staffer will build your salad right in front of you so you get super fresh, super interesting, super tasty salads every time. We have signature salads…or you can design your own! New plexi installed in the line ensures your and the staff person’s safety. Look for more changes and new programs and dishes coming out of Cafe very soon!
We’re moving ahead into a new season with energy and a focus on keeping everyone safe….our guests, our staff, our vendors….everyone who is part of the HL family. Thank you for your continued feedback, support, and the amazing vibe you bring to our stores!
Katy Lesser