The Produce Department has a fun-filled Day visiting Local Farms!

Thanks to our local farmers, Healthy Living Produce Department has abundant local produce to offer everyday.  We visited a few of our local farmers to see where all of our beautiful produce is coming from and thank our farmers for their dedicated hard work!  One of our team members, Paul Sarne is an amazing photographer and took photos from the day, thanks Paul!  Check out his bio and website link below.

Rockville Market Farm

The Rockville Market Farm is a 108 acre farm in Starksboro VT.  The farm is a  collaboration between Eric and his wife Keenann.  This large family operation is very well maintained and balanced with abundant produce, plenty of pigs, hundreds of chickens and adorable pygmy goats.

We had a lot of fun here admiring all of the lifestock as well as checking out their rows of butternut squash, tomatoes, mesclun and much more.

Stony Loam Farm

Stony Loam Farm is a beautiful farm in Charlotte surrounded by gorgeous Vermont scenary and run by David Quickel.  Stony Loam farm enjoys stony loam soil on one portion of the farm and amazingly just a few feet away has a more clay soil.  At Stony Loam we had a lot of fun seeing the rows of mesclun, scallions, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, trying all of the amazing tomatoes and playing with the wonder farm dog Roo.



Last Resort Farm

Last Resort Farm is a 280 acre farm in Monkton run by Sam Burr and Eugenie Doyle who have been farming together since 1980.  Eugenie and Sam work with local youth in the community to pass on farming skills and inspire agriculture in the next generation.  At last resort we were mesmorized by the barn full of curing garlic, there were numerous varieties all drying and some getting ready to be braided.

We also viewed the fields of blueberries, mesclun, peppers, chard and more.

Red Wagon Plants

 Is a grower of heirloom and specialty plants for gardeners and retail.  All of the plants outside our store are supplied by Red Wagon Plants, not to mention the ones in my garden 🙂  Red Wagon Plants is located in Hinesburg and run by Julie Rubaud. At Red Wagon Plants they start their plants from seed in a compost based potting soil from Vermont Compost Company this organic growing method make for gorgeous and healthy plants.   We saw many varieties of herbs, vegetables and flower plants ready to be put into someone’s garden.

All of the photos above were taken by Paul Sarne one of our wonderful produce employees.  Paul Sarne is a 26 year old photographer and multimedia artist who lives in Winooski, Vermont. His artistic focus is on event photography capturing local and community involvement as well as environmental and nature photography. You can find Paul working in Healthy Living’s produce department. Please stop in and say hello!