The Sweetest Time of Year

Shop our latest finds for gourmet chocolate, colorful, fresh fruit, and more.  

Jonny Pops

Add a pop of color to February with these NEW flavors from Jonny Pops! Their bright and sweet treats, including Cotton Candy, Blue Wave, Tropical Punch, and Berry Blast, are made in small batches with no artificial ingredients. Just real fruit, fresh Midwest cream, cane sugar, purified water, and a pinch of salt. 

Caulipower Pizza Romas

Authentic Roman-style pizza, made gluten-free! Caulipower’s frozen pizzas are crafted with a hand-stretched cauliflower crust, creating a crispy, airy bite. Just pop one into the oven and enjoy the delicious taste of Italy.

Oatly Creamers

Meet the Oatly-fied, next-level version of the flavored creamers you know and love! Add the rich Mocha, Bold Vanilla, or Creamy Caramel flavors to create tasty, plant-based coffee drinks right at home.

Dr. Bronner’s Refill Cartons

Stock up on these Dr. Bronner’s refill cartons! Using 82% less plastic than one of their 32 oz. recycled bottles, sustainable cleaning is easier than ever. Perfect for refilling all-purpose spray bottles or foaming pump dispensers in every room of the house.

Bianco Dinapoli NY Style Pizza Sauce

Your new, go-to pizza sauce! Bianco Dinapoli’s New York Style Sauce is made from just four locally-sourced and organic ingredients: tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil, plus a touch of Pacific Sea Salt. Delicious as-is, or a perfect base for adding your own custom twist.

Tcho Chocolate Bars

Tcho Chocolate is rich, creamy, and completely addicting. Try their full lineup of bars made with cacao from around the world, featuring unique flavors that go beyond the single fudgy taste you’re used to.

Chuao Chocolate Bars

Gift your Valentine something different this year with these unique, gourmet chocolate bars from Chuao! With decadent flavors like S’Mores, Potato Chip, Firecracker, and Dark Honeycomb, there’s a flavor to satisfy any kind of craving, from sweet to spicy.

Magic Spoon Cereal: In-Store Only

Magic Spoon is on a mission to re-imagine those sweet, nostalgic cereals from your childhood, using grown-up approved ingredients. Try the Cocoa, Peanut Butter, Fruity M’s, and Maple Waffle—every box is crafted with a natural blend of monk fruit and allulose, with no artificial ingredients.

Aura Apples

Try this natural cross of Honeycrisp and Aurora apples. Aura apples have a bright yellow color, bursts of honey and melon flavors, and a crisp texture. They’re great for snacking and look beautiful on the kitchen counter too!

Cotton Candy Grapes

Enjoy that delicious, pink-spun carnival taste—without the sticky fingers! Cotton Candy Grapes are juicy, crisp, and all-natural, with a unique sweet flavor. Yes, please!

Cuties Organic Mandarin Bag: In-Store Only

They’re popular for a reason! Cuties are tasty, fresh, and perfectly lunchbox-sized. Sourced from tree to store in a matter of days in California, these mandarins are verified Non-GMO, making them a great all-natural snack.