The Zyflamend Family

New to the line of New Chapter Zyflamend:

Targeting Heart Health, Women’s Health & Men’s Health

Zyflamend Heart supports your healthy inflammation response to maintain heart health and blood vessel function.* Wild Alaskan Salmon whole fish oil delivers beneficial Omega fatty acids (good fats) – the main heart-healthy reason experts recommend consuming fish like salmon regularly.

Zyflamend Breast blends herbs and superfoods to help women maintain breast health.* Zyflamend’s patented herbal blend is combined with Broccoli sprouts, Pomegranate, and whole life-cycle Reishi mushroom for multi-faceted breast health support.*

Zyflamend Prostate helps men maintain healthy prostate function and normal urine flow by delivering both herbs supporting a healthy inflammation response and a proprietary blend of prostate-supportive herbal compounds, including supercritical Saw Palmetto.*