Tips and Tricks for Happy Honey

Gather round, honey fans! It’s time to learn how to make the most of your honey and get the texture you need for the dish you’re making. We’ve all experienced crystallized honey- once the sugar crystals start to form, they don’t stop until your lovely liquid gold is turned into a sparkly crystalline chunk. But fret not- there are ways to get your hard honey back to a luscious liquid.

honey, raw, crystallized, bees, vermont
Clockwise from Left: Liquid Raw, Crystallized Raw, and Creamed Honey

All honey crystallizes; raw honey tends to crystallize faster because it hasn’t been stabilized by heat. We love the crunchy little crystals that you’ll find at the bottom of your  jar; they’re perfect for stirring in tea or eating with a spoon (try it…you’ll like it). But if you need a liquid for baking, glazing, or cooking, these shiny little buggers can get on your last nerve. Your saving grace? Just a little heat! Put your honey jar in hot water and watch it get all loosey-goosey before your very eyes. It’s like magic!

HINT: If you like honey crystals but want a more spreadable texture, go with Creamed Honey. It’s consciously crystallized, meaning all the crystals are of an equally tiny size and shape. It’s luxuriously spreadable and there’s no crunch- if you’re a honey-and-toast fan, look no further.