The Ultimate Picnic Checklist

It’s officially picnic season and we’re planning all the ways we can enjoy some of our favorite foods alfresco. Some of us like to work up an appetite with a vigorous mountain hike, others are inclined to take the boat out for a cruise and snack on the water. Easy access to roadside parks might be your thing, and parents, we know your kids are ready to blow off some post-school-year steam on the playground. Whatever your fancy, here are three checklists for yummy summer picnics!

Planning an afternoon of hiking? You’ll want to be smart about what food to pack. Don’t bring anything too heavy, that’s for sure—your water bottle alone will add enough weight. Think high-caloric, high-protein, flavorful foods to keep your energy and your motivation up! And don’t forget your pocket knife!

G.O.R.P. — The acronym for “good old raisins and peanuts” stands for so much more than just raisins and peanuts. Go nuts mixing up different combinations from the bulk section. Each hiker can personalize their own bag!
Block o’ Cheese — You can’t go wrong with a block of cheddar or other firm cheese.
Hearty Bread — That cheese needs a companion and a slice of dense, dark bread will give you an extra boost of calories to recharge.
Beef Jerky or Other Cured Meat — Satisfying and delicious,
Apples and Bananas — Naturally in a convenient and transportable package!
Bar of Chocolate — ‘Nuff said.

Boaters have got the right idea… they get outside, enjoy the beauty of the water AND have the luxury of more food options because… coolers! Without going so far as to tip the boat, here’s what we’d pack our medium-sized igloo (or two) with…

Sandwich Wraps — This take a little prep work on land but load up your favorite wrap with deli meats, cheeses, pickles and the like for a handy meal.
Fruit Skewers — A beautiful and practical way to serve and eat fruit on rocky waters. Slice and spear your favorite assortment — pineapple, melon, banana, kiwi berries—there’s no limit to this refreshing a healthy snack!
Cold Salads — Potato salad, pasta salad, cold sesame noodles… TIP: bring along some disposable cups to serve your salads with.
Chips and Salsa
Baked goodies from our Bakeshop! — Good old-fashioned brownies or cookies would work well, here… or anywhere.
Assorted Drinks! — You’ve got the cooler, bring along a growler of your favorite kombucha, cold brew coffee, or if you’re not operating the boat, how about a cold craft beer?

Picture the classic scene: picnic basket, gingham blanket spread across a dandelion speckled lawn… Perhaps it’s friends post-work watching the sunset or moms and dads having a night “out” with the kids in tow. Here’s what we’d bring.

Grapes or orange wedges — Easy to grab, refreshing and sweet snack.
Summer sausage and a jar of mustard.
PB&J — Don’t forget the kids!
Seeded baguette — Easy to carry and rip off pieces to pass amongst the happy, hungry crowd.
Assorted summer cheese — sample some local chevre, or seasonal sheep’s cheese… the warmer days will render any soft cheese spreadable on the hunk of baguette.
Hummus and other dips! — Because everyone loves a little of this and a little of that.
Olives and cornichon — Your cheese needs these!
Bottle of White — Sauvignon Blanc? Pourquoi pas?
Pie — Something berry-ful and summery in pie-form is a must!

Don’t forget the golden rule of spending time in the outdoors : carry in and carry out!

Happy picnicking, everyone!